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The games we used to play

Tiberian Sun
game Tiberian Sun
serie C&C
game type RTS
distributeur Westwood
release datum 1999-08-27
start datum bij FDNL 1999-10-24
eind datum bij FDNL 2007-08-14
coleaders Lordgeo (2000-07-01 - 2000-07-31)
Dutchboom (2000-12-01 - 2001-02-28)
Pretvlek3 (2000-12-01 - 2001-05-31)
Imurderu (2001-02-01 - 2005-12-20)
Bigbr0thr (2001-03-01 - 2007-08-14)
Dutchtde (2001-03-01 - 2001-07-31)
Tjakkahhh (2001-07-01 - 2001-10-31)
G0ldrush (2001-11-01 - 2007-08-14)
Ice4002 (2001-11-01 - 2002-04-30)
Mustang76 (2001-11-01 - 2002-02-28)
Dehulk (2002-03-01 - 2002-04-30)
Magicanx (2002-05-01 - 2006-01-02)
Pasmanni (2007-04-07 - 2007-08-14)
wa / assists
Team info
team name Elite Squad
clan/team tags [FD-NL], [FD-NL1]
We played this game since clanfoundation on Oct 24th, 1999 till mid 2003.
The Flying Dutchmen had several teams at Tiberian Sun. The most well-known being [FD-NL], renamed to [FDNL-1].
Most of our players could be found on the EuroServer, but some of them were also active on the US Server, where they played ‘TON2’-gamers. TON2 also being the name of a chat channel on the US Westwood server. This channel was mostly joined by the best and most active TibSun players and where matches were arranged.

The most popular maps of FDNL were: Forest Fires and Terrace. But also our gamers could be found playing maps like Tiberian Garden Redux, Limited Acces and Penthagram.

Forest Fires



Limited Access


team name 2nd legion
clan/team tags FD_NL
Shortly before, our 20th member joined our clan and many more wanted to team up.

We decided to open another team.

team name Trilogy
clan/team tags FDNL
Due to the high requests to join, we even opened a third clan.
Depended on skills members were promoted/demoted between the three teams.

team name scouten-fdnl
clan/team tags S-FDNL
We even had a training clan [S-FDNL] Scouts-clan, founded 26 April 2000. Some called it a Kindergarden, but actually we used this clan to see if young people (aged 10-13) had the potential to become members of our regular clans.

team name Nemesis
clan/team tags -FDNL-
team name the newbz
clan/team tags FDNL*N
Just for fun Pretvlek founded a new clan with some old friends and called it "The Newbies clan", because alot of clans thought about FDNL: 'just a n00b clan'. Well, they showed very convincing how "newb's" played this game.

The nicknames used for the 'newb-clan' were derived from bicycle parts:
  • Binneband (inner tube) - Pretvlek3
  • Buiteband (tyre) - Rank22
  • Fietsband (cycle tyre) - Outlaw17
  • Legeband (flat tyre) - Neutronic
  • Spatbord (mud guard) - Corp2001

They managed to make it into the top-10 with these players only, where Binneband and Buiteband played most of the games!

game details
game box-image

Commmand & Conquer: Tiberian Sun

logo TibSun

Tiberian Sun features three factions (each with its unique strengths and tactics):

    gdi logo      nod logo      forgotten logo

  • the Global Defense Initiative (GDI),
  • the Brotherhood of Nod (Nod),
  • and The Forgotten (non-playable, neutral faction of mutants who have been physically and mentally affected by the Tiberium).

The storyline follows the continuing struggle between the GDI and Nod, the latter of which is ready to launch a new set of surprise sneak attacks in an attempt to wipe the Global Defense Initiative off the face of the Earth.

gdi base


Tiberian Sun relies heavily on science fiction technologies, and introduces a new isometric game engine featuring varying level terrain to give the impression of a true 3D environment. Dynamic lighting allows for day/night cycles and special effects, such as ion storms. Maps feature cityscapes where units could hide or battle in urban combat. Some buildings and armored units are rendered with voxels, although infantry is still rendered as sprites.


Tiberian Sun features full motion video using traditional cinematic shots, featuring well-known Hollywood actors.
Michael Biehn (known from The Terminator and Aliens movies) is portrayed as the GDI commander Michael McNeil, who is instructed by General James Solomon, played by James Earl Jones (known from the original Star Wars trilogy). On the side of the Brotherhood of Nod, Frank Zagarino portrays the commander Anton Slavik, who only lives to follow and enforce every thought of the sociopath Kane, played by the franchise's cutscene director Joseph D. Kucan. The Forgotten are represented by Christine Steel portraying Umagon who teams up with Michael McNeil throughout their joint fight against Nod, Christopher Winfield portraying Tratos the visionary Mutant leader, and Nils Allen Stewart (known from The Mask) portraying Mutant Commando, who is responsible for sending entire Nod bases to hell with a push of a button


Kane, Commander of NoD

The plot is a follow up to the original game Command & Conquer, after the end of which the Nod leader Kane is presumed dead. In Tiberian Sun, Kane resurfaces from his hideout with improved military forces and new Tiberium-enhanced technologies, determined to rule the world at all cost. The GDI commander Michael McNeil is tasked with objectives to prevent the world from falling into the hands of Nod, this time with the very means of the extraterrestrial Tiberium substance.


Electronic Arts, who had acquired Westwood Studios in 1998 and published Tiberian Sun, and had no direct part in its development, pushed for Tiberian Sun's release ahead of schedule, resulting in a number of engine and gameplay features being omitted from the game, some of which were later included in Firestorm expansion pack. Subsequent games in the franchise were also heavily subjected to increased control by Electronic Arts, as well as departure of numerous Westwood personnel, eventually resulting in Westwood being closed down and assimilated.

Omitted features

Several images and references in the Tiberian Sun "rules" file indicate that more features were planned for the release. A former Westwood employee working for Petroglyph elaborated upon them in March and May 2007. A "loadout" screen was to be implemented allowing commanders to pick units to take into battle before missions. The "loadout" screen was finished in a prototype game codenamed Command & Conquer: Incursion (the planned sequel to Tiberian Sun), but Westwood was dissolved and Electronic Arts did not revive the concept. Drop pods were intended to be customizable for GDI before deployment. Lighting was intended to make a huge difference for day/night play, as units spotted by light posts/towers would be susceptible to enemy fire at greater ranges, and in turn would suffer a reduction in their own range ability. Westwood planned the Hunter / Seeker Droid option to support selection of target types, but ultimately the droid was made to attack at random. Developers also didn't have enough time to finalize balanced differences in terrain types, or to make The Forgotten a full faction for the expansion, as it was initially intended.

How to pay TibSun now ?

XWIS is a community server created by Olaf van der Spek for several Westwood games.

By downloading a special free version of Tiberian Sun or Red Alert/2 you are able to play again these historic games. Ladders are available too.

Interested? Surf to XWIS and follow the instructions.

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