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Red Alert/2
game Red Alert/2
serie C&C
game type RTS
distributeur Electronic Arts
release datum 2000-10-23
start datum bij FDNL 2000-10-26
eind datum bij FDNL 2005-08-31
coleaders Imurderu (2000-12-01 - 2001-01-31)
Watergeus (2000-12-01 - 2000-02-28)
Hellice2k (2001-01-01 - 2001-09-30)
Amstrike (2001-03-01 - 2001-05-31)
Dahypno (2001-06-01 - 2002-02-28)
Pretvlek3 (2001-06-01 - 2001-07-31)
Ara2pr0 (2001-12-01 - 2001-02-28)
Tdfear (2001-12-01 - 2005-08-31)
Feartd (2002-01-01 - 2003-09-30)
Nederl4nd (2002-03-01 - 2002-05-31)
Feardt (2002-05-01 - 2002-08-31)
N3d3rl4nd (2002-05-01 - 2002-05-31)
Ned3rl4nd (2002-05-01 - 2002-05-31)
Superl0rz (2002-08-01 - 2002-08-31)
wa / assists
game details
game box-image

Red Alert 2

Red Alert 2 contains two distinct story lines depending on which faction the player wishes to play as. Both of the story lines differ in several distinct ways. However, the Allied story line is canon due to the way in which the expansion pack continues.

After the attempted conquest of Europe, the Soviet Union is in utter ruin. Joseph Stalin is dead, and the Soviet military has been all but destroyed. The Allies determine that a regime change would cause mass unrest in the Soviet Union, and in order to gain both support and stability in the region, the victorious Allies name Alexander Romanov, a distant relative of Czar Nicholas II, as the puppet Soviet Premier. Romanov acquiesces to the Allies' demands at first, though he builds up the Soviet military for "defense purposes" – a cover for an intended invasion of the United States of America.

The game's story line starts off with the American military being caught completely off guard by the sudden massive Soviet invasion of the USA, with Soviet aircraft, naval vessels, amphibious forces, and paratroopers coming in on both the East Coast and West Coast and with the majority of Soviet ground forces coming in through Mexico, which had recently voted in a communist government. The USA attempts to retaliate with the use of nuclear missiles, but Yuri, leader of the Soviet Psychic Corps and Premier Romanov's top advisor, uses his mind control to manipulate the personnel charged with launching the warheads and leaves them to explode in their silos. Within hours, the USA is overrun with Red Army troops. In response, the US President Michael Dugan establishes an emergency response team headed by General Carville and the Commander known as "The Ghost" (the player) to the Soviet army later in the game.

Allied campaign

The Allied story line begins with a special forces team led by Special Agent Tanya being sent to New York City to repel the Soviet invasion there. The player, with help from Tanya, successfully repels the Soviet invasion of New York City. Tanya and the Commander are then sent to Colorado Springs to liberate the Air Force Academy and the air base there. When returning home victorious from the battle, it is discovered that a Soviet mind control device known as the Psychic Beacon, a device that can mind-control the population of entire cities, has been deployed in Washington, D.C.. The Psychic Beacon manages to control the minds of the President and General Carville and several other key officials in the city, who surrender to the Soviets. However, a strike team is promptly sent in to the city and destroys the Psychic Beacon while encounting attacks by mind-controlled civilians, freeing the government and military officials from Soviet mind control and allowing them to be rescued. Despite this, Washington, D.C. still remains in Soviet hands, forcing the American government and military to relocate themselves to Canada to escape the threat of Soviet mind control.

After moving their government to Canada, Allied intelligence has discovered that the Soviets have put another psychic device in Chicago, the Psychic Amplifier, which has the power “to do to the country what the Psychic Beacon did to Washington”. The Allies promptly launch an offensive into Soviet-occupied Chicago from their Canadian base across Lake Michigan, freeing the city and destroying the Psychic Amplifier. But in retaliation, General Vladimir, the chief commander of the invading Soviet forces, declares that he no longer has much use for the city of Chicago. He quickly deploys a nuclear missile in the city and detonates it immediately afterwards, completely destroying the city.

Soviet campaign

The Soviet storyline begins with the player being briefed by Premier Alexander Romanov about the upcoming Soviet invasion of the United States of America. Romanov tells the player that the first priority is the destruction of the headquarters of the American Military, the Pentagon. The Commander carries out this order, leading an invasion into Washington, D.C. and destroying the Pentagon. Another Soviet invasion is launched into Florida to destroy the American fleet there, which was threatening the Soviet invasion of the East Coast. Even though the Commander is almost fully responsible for these victories, all the credit goes to the top Soviet commander, General Vladimir. Yuri recommends that the player captures New York City with a Psychic Beacon, a device that can mind-control the population of entire cities, while Vladimir is in Moscow celebrating so that Yuri and the "Comrade General" can also get some fame and glory. The player follows Yuri's advice, and launches an offensive into New York City. After capturing the Allied Battle Lab, or research facility, at the World Trade Center, the Psychic Beacon is deployed and the entire population of the city falls under Soviet control.

To counter the ever increasing and successful Soviet threat, forces from the Republic of Korea launch an amphibious attack on Vladivostok, and the player must "defend the motherland" at all costs. The Commander ruthlessly defends the "motherland", crushing all invading South Korean forces in a brutal counter-attack. Alarmed by the situation, leaders of France and Germany agree to send troops to the Polish border to help the USA fight the Soviets. While the French Military has amassed near Poland, the Soviets send a special forces team to Paris, with special orders from Romanov and Yuri to "show the Allies the true meaning of Soviet brutality" and to "leave nothing". Once in Paris, the Soviets fight to capture the area around the Eiffel Tower (called the "Paris Tower" in the game). The Soviets then use three Tesla Troopers, soldiers with the ability to destroy vehicles with electric charges, to energize the "Paris Tower" and effectively turn it into a massive Tesla Coil, a tower which uses massive electric bursts to destroy its targets. The energized "Paris Tower" quickly destroys all Allied forces in the city and devastates Paris. With this and other key victories in Europe, the nations of Europe are in a position of needing help themselves rather than giving help to the USA.


Every aspect of gameplay in the game is based on the collection of money. In the game, money can be collected by several means. The most common is using Miner trucks to gather Ore and/or Gems and transport them to a Refinery. A player can also gain a lasting income by capturing Oil derricks (neutral buildings that are present in some maps). There also are two one-time sources of money for Allied and Soviet players, namely collecting random crates which are present in the map and selling off buildings which are controlled by the player. Allied players have a third one-time sources of money using a spy to steal a enemies money. The money is spent on constructing and repairing buildings and units. In both cases one can start construction before having the full cost in one's reserves, as construction pauses if one runs short of money.

There are five types of "constructor" building:
  • Construction Yard (for buildings);
  • Barracks (non-mechanized units);
  • War Factory (mechanized units);
  • Shipyard (naval units), and,
  • only for the Allies, Air Force Command (Harriers or Black Eagles).

The various nations are members of either the Soviet or the Allied factions. One of the major praises of Red Alert 2 over the original Red Alert game was that playing as a specific country now actually made a difference. While every country has the basic buildings and units, each nation has a special unique unit, or a unique ability or structure. This changed up the popular skirmish games, allowing for new strategies.

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