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The Foundation - 1999

On a nice September day in the year 1999, my son, H0LLanD, purchased the game Tiberian Sun. Watching him struggling thru the missions, wanted me to give it a try too. So we both fought our way thru the GDI- and NOD missions. Although we both enjoyed playing the game (missions & skirmish), at last it was no real fun defeating the comp over and over again.....

We wanted more, so we finally pressed the "Internet" button and were transferred to a whole new world: the online realms. A new step: online gaming.

On the Westwood servers we learned all about online gaming, teamplay, ffa-games, tour-games, clans and clangames. In those early days there were hardly any Dutch-clans and we soon decided we want to become clanfounders ourselves.

24 Oct 1999 our first battleclan was founded: "The Flying Dutchmen [FD-NL]", named after the famous GhostShip (re: click on 'background' in the Main Menu to learn more about our Clanname).

To prevent too high phonebills, online gaming was reserved for the weekends; cable-internet was not there yet, ISDN-lines way too expensive, still had to use the conventional dialup lines.

Two weeks later, in the weekend of Nov 6th, 1999, H0LLanD played a very nice and fair game against DeHulk. It was so much fun he immediately invited him to join our clan, to become our first member.
That very weekend 5 more players joined our clan too: Belg1ok, Hamersma, Sp33d, Tibers and TibHell. Today only DeHulk is still a FDNL member; the others left the clan, some founded their own clan, others switched over to other games or just quitted game playing at all.

From the beginning we implemented the strict rule of kicking cheating members immediately; although rejoin was nearly always possible after some time.

website and scorepages
By the end of November I got the idea to keep track of the progress of our members in more detail, due to the fact that the ranking on Westwood's website only showed the clanrank, the number of games won or lost by the clan and the clanpoints, but not the individual results of a clangame. It was a complex task for an individual to figure out his personal clan-match results, especially in 2vs2 games.
I then wrote a program to retrieve the clanscores and gamelogs from Westwood, analyse the data and compute personal results. Webpages were automatically generated from the data, showing per member his TOUR-game results and the contribution towards the Clanrank (number of clangames won and lost, the number of points gained, no matter the game was 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3 or a 4vs4 multiplayer game). About two weeks later the job was done, just running on my own pc, showing all the individual results. And it looked very nice indeed.

Then H0LLanD suggested to create our own FDNL-website and throw these webpages out into the public, which was done Dec 21th, 1999. Since then the program was refined and updated on a regular basis. This was also neccessary because of new games, recovery of the repeatedly crippled gamelogs on the Westwood site, changes made by Westwood to the ranking-, squadadmin- and gamelog pages, etc.

Our first site was hosted by Planet Internet. On top of this page you may find a link to the old website, where it all began, and review the scores of each clan in its first active month.

The website was and is a great success. New members joined the clan, some told us they only joined because of the score system
The scorepages were not only visited by our members, but webstatistics showed that alot of other people, found their way to our website too. In our history archives we may retrieve the scores of every game played since Dec 8, 1999, whether tour- or clangame.
We even have some statistics of some other clans too. I used other clans to test the score-retrieval-program, when new facilities were developed. Alot of those old test-scores were deleted, until May 2000 when I decided to archive some of them for "future purposes".
They became very handy when some players of other clans on the United Forum insisted on free games, because we "cheated them the previous month". Looking back in the last month's gamelogs, showed we never played most of those clans, so how could we cheat upon them?
Funnyly there were hardly any accusations about current months. And yes, we did give free wins when one of our players "forgot" how to play fair.

Anyway, if someone cheated, he was kicked immediately from our clan.


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