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The year 2004

The winter months passed by very slowly. Not much happened.



Stopped support on WarCraft III and Generals, 14 March 2004
Too few players for these two games. We stopped playing Generals completely and the clan is closed. WarCraft III only attracts two or three players, showing up very irregularly. The game is still supported, but no new members may join the clan. Most of the players are awaiting the release of World of Warcraft later this year.



A new start for Tiberian Sun, 2 April 2004
After Westwood's decision to stop support on TibSun, others tried to revive the game. After a false start with CnCReloaded, Stefor and Olaf teamed up to create a new platform for this beautiful game. A redirection patch was released, the score-system implemented on the new system and off we go.
Although not many clangames are played, the free-for-all community is very happy.



BattleField Vietnam, 8 Apr 2004

"The Battlefield franchise enters a new era equipped with more firepower, modernized weaponry and vehicles, and a deeper infantry experience from the jungles to the beaches of Vietnam. From villages on the Ho Chi Minh Trail to the city streets of Hue wage modern warfare as the United States or North Vietnamese Army (NVA). Select from a variety of characters within the different soldier classes as you command powerful new vehicles including attack and transport helicopters, the M551 Sheridan tank, and the F-4 Phantom fighter jet on the U.S. side and the Russian-made T-54 tank, the MIG-21, and Mi-8 multipurpose helicopter on the NVA side."

After a nice start the coleader suddenly decided to join another clan and invited all members to join his new clan too. The game came to a full stop. We just wait and see what happens after the school-exams and the vacation period. If noone wants to pickup the challenge to restart, we'll close this game.



Closing down the RA/s clans, 14 April 2004
The majority of the Red Alert players hardly played any game anymore, so the founders stopped support on RA/2 and closed the clan for this game. Some players asked us to go on supporting this game, because they might consider to reinstall the game at a later date, but noone planned to reinstall the game in the foreseable future, so no more RA/2 in FDNL.



UT2004, 30 Apr 2004

"It's the year 2362. The most anticipated Tournament ever is about to take place, dwarfing the spectacle and drama of previous events. The finest competitors ever assembled prepare to lay waste to their opponents and claim the Tournament Trophy for themselves."

Two new modes

Assault Mode Assault mode returns! Redesigned for UT2004, this fan-favorite mode sees teams face-off to defend and attack fortified bases, from fast-moving trains, barreling across an arid alien desert to a Skaarj mother ship, poised to attack the human home world. Onslaught Mode Onslaught mode takes team combat to the next level! Opposing teams are pitted against each other to capture and hold strategic points in order to attack and destroy the enemy power core. Taking place in massive outdoor environments, here is where vehicular combat comes into its own. Flying and driving machines take combatants to the frontline and gigantic mobile battle stations serve as a platform from which to launch devastating attacks. Due to school exams and vacations we decided to delay support of this game until early August.



Moving our domain 25 May 2004
Today we moved our domain to the webserver of our sponsor BigBr0thr. The internal structure of the site was redesigned to implement changes more easily, like supporting new games or new design. The whole site is now PHP-generated from data contained mostly in MySql-databases.



Netgamez 2004 - 5/6 June 2004
Some of our members attended the Netgamez-2004 weekend: BigBr0thr, Thunder, Iceman, Opdflame, Draakje, Twizzor, Cookie and Bumfood. Gaming 24 hours/day for the whole weekend. They report having much fun, pictures will be available soon in our famous Photo Gallery.



New databases - 21 June 2004
A total redesign of the member admin and new joinforms. No more niggling and nagging about 'gimme access to the forums', it will be done automatically now by our famous forum-'bot Paulus (only when you completed the joinform correctly, of course!) and posted at least 1 message.



The Hybrid - 10-12 Sep 2004

Eighteen of ours members (10 of the CS-section, 8 of CoD) visited The_Hybrid lanparty this year in Ahoy Rotterdam. Although the total number of contenders was a small disappointment, the party was mostly well organized: properly functioning network, internet connection and power supply, no outages. The food and beverage section could be improved, however!

Because of the special FDNL-shirts there were no problems finding eachother, thanks to our glorious sponsor BigBr0ther



The CS-members teamed up to qualify for the World Cyber Games in San Fransisco in 5on5 and 2on2. Nice games, but no qualification for SF.
In the 2on2 we were more succesful: Nook and Iceman won most of the games and played the finale against 'Digital-Mind Gaming'. Resulting in a 2nd place. Great work, guys!

Our CoD-members ended as 3rd in the qualifying rounds and were not able to team-up in the Halve Finales. They also had a lot of fun and are looking forward to team-up again.



Celebration LAN-Party - 23 Oct 2004
Our fifth anniversary was celebrated at TGS Rotterdam again, with a huge LAN-party, lasting from 11:00 till 22:00 hrs. Meeting teammates in real life was a big surprise for all who visited our LAN-party for the first time. Especially the fact that TGS has many pc and XBOX'es in house and ready to run (no need to bring your own pc!) was much appreciated.
Members were talking about the Good Old TibSun-days, had some booze and food (catering was running up and down the kitchen continiously, without a break), played games, saw several incredible movies made by Kjell, InTIMidate and Neutjes, showing off the skills of several of our gamers and last but not least there was a compo too.

The compo winners are:

Call of Duty Cyrax
Tiberian Sun Pretvlek3

Everyone enjoyed the party and are looking forward to the next party.

Neutjes, thank you, for setting up this party!



Celebration time !! 24 Oct 2004
The 24th of October we celebrated our fifth anniversary. Yesterday we had a very cool party at TGS (read the topic above).

A big THANK YOU to all the members who made this celebration possible.



Game progress
Cr0n018, MoHAA's coleader, told us the story "How it all began"

"After a very inactive start and a very changeable number of members, it all kicked off in March 2004. Our first official war and what a happening it was! We trained for ages to improve our skills, but it ended into a vexation. We were tried and found wanting....
In stead of losing hope we recruted some new members and pretty soon we had a full main team: Crono, Stinger, Fugitive, Newbz, Hooligan, Sharkie, Mich.

After a couple of months, with many wars, which we all (except for a few) lost, the team split up. Sharkie left, Hooligan was kicked out and Stinger and Newbz weren’t really active anymore.

However as a gift from heaven Mephz showed up, a fantastic sniper (for us, those days) and very motivated to play with us. He also brought some new players with him: Kalimero, StoneCold, Sandman and Zoyabone.
We became better and better thanks to our new team and very soon we welcomed three new, highly skilled members: Bloodlust, BlackHawk and Dark Undy.
The activity these days was hughe, in vacationweeks we played sometimes more than 7 official wars a day and more than 30 per week!

On the 12 of July 2004 we managed to reach the top 10 on the 'Benelux 2vs2 obj/realism' ladder thanks to the victory of Mephz and Fugitive against FF.moh

In September 2004 we played out first cupwar ("Open Fall 2004") on Clanbase against #infinity and won by 17-11. We did not pass the first round, but we had learned alot and got new experience in Cupwars! After the cup we lost a few members; Kalimero, Stoncold and Sandman weren’t really active anymore and also Blackhawk emigrated to Turkey. But some new members joined us: Makeshift, Trigger Happy and SHoT^. With this new team we became better and better till December 2004. Some trouble in the clan, Makeshift got kicked out and Crovax replaced her early Januari 2005.

2004 special thanks to:




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