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The year 2012

24 Apr 2012 - 12½th year Anniversary of FD-NL

Time flies; today it is 12 and a half years ago we founded The Flying Dutchmen.
Still going strong and active on all sorts of games.
Special thanks to Pasmanni who is still a coleader and active since the early days of our existance and to Tibwizard (coleader and player) and Terminate (coleader, player and admin).

Diablo III released - 15 May 2012

Hero classes
There are five classes in Diablo III; four (the wizard, witch doctor, demon hunter and monk) are brand-new, and the returning barbarian has many, many new destructive tricks for tearing through foes. Each class has a unique resource system and appropriately different playstyle – no longer do all heroes share the single resource of mana.

Monsters and Items
Diablo III has more different, distinct monsters than Diablo I and II, and these monsters all bring their own special destructive abilities, some new and some familiar. The variety of Diablo III's random items is similar to that of the other Diablo games (though we've included Legendary items), but we've added thousands of new combinations, many with unique abilities and previously unseen properties.

New weapon and equipment types, like the demon hunter's one-handed crossbows and witch doctors' mojos, also provide a great deal of class-specific flavor.

Expanded Difficulty
The advanced Nightmare and Hell difficulty modes in Diablo III add new progression options to the game not found on the Normal setting – increasingly powerful and intimidating armor sets, potent unique items, high-level runes and exclusive recipes and upgrades for artisans. Monsters grow increasingly more dangerous in subsequent difficulty levels.

In the brutal new Inferno mode, available only once the game's been beaten on Hell difficulty, monsters outstrip players in level range. Inferno difficulty is an epic challenge intended for players who have reached the game's level cap, and it offers epic rewards as well.

You'll be able to show off your achievements with a battle standard, a banner visible to all players on Battle.net that will be a visual representation of your accomplishments in Diablo III. And you should expect even more ‘endgame' additions to come - ones that'll let you pursue unique goals and achieve more glory in the world of Sanctuary than ever before.

Auction House

Items are just as important to Diablo III as they've been throughout the series, so we've added an auction house for faster, easier trading without the potential for scamming and abuse that's existed in the past. Items can now be bought and sold without needing to count on the trustworthiness of strangers to make sure your exchange goes through smoothly.

The Settlers Online - 27 Sep 2012

This online browser game is still in beta, but some 25+ members joined our guild to play this game.
It is all about building, from scratch, your own medieval kingdom, expand your empire through exploration and trade and battle foes to secure its glory.

You do not need to purchase or download this game, just play it in your browser.


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