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The year 2013

12 Mar 2013 - SCII - Heart of the Swarm released

The first expansion pack is finally released. Following the events of Wings of Liberty, Terran Dominion forces attack Sarah Kerrigan and her allies in a research facility in the territory of the Umojan Protectorate. Kerrigan and other residents escape to the flagship of Raynor's Raiders, the Hyperion, but Commander Jim Raynor is cut off by the Dominion. The Hyperion escapes, but Kerrigan remains behind to locate Raynor, only to hear a Dominion newscast announcing that he has been captured and executed. Enraged, Kerrigan returns to Zerg territory to reunite the swarm and overthrow the tyrannical Dominion. The order of what occurs next depends on players' choices.

On the volcanic planet Char, Kerrigan subdues a renegade brood before attacking the occupying Dominion forces. Kerrigan, in a rage, destroys a Dominion command fortress and kills its commander, General Horace Warfield. After a change of heart, she allows the wounded and the unarmed to evacuate. On the frozen planet Kaldir, she annihilates the local Protoss forces, reclaiming the local brood and evolving the swarm to survive in harsh climate.

The game has 20 missions in the campaign (plus 7 evolution missions which allows the player to upgrade its units), and continues the story from Wings of Liberty. The player plays from the perspective of Sarah Kerrigan, recently returned to her human form by Jim Raynor. Similar to Wings of Liberty, the briefing room is replaced with an interactive exploration of the Leviathan, an enormous zerg breed which functions as a Bioship. Kerrigan and her allies are located in the nerve center, she has a personal chamber for altering her abilities, and there is an evolution pit where she can upgrade her units and perform evolution missions with the evolution master Abathur.

At Blizzard's 2011 BlizzCon conference, it was revealed that Heart of the Swarm will feature 7 new multiplayer units, while removing 3 units and changing the abilities of existing units and buildings. The exact modifications have since changed. In a blog post, game director Dustin Browder explained the current status of the units:


The Terrans were originally expected to feature two new units: Shredder and Warhound. The Shredder was a mobile, burrowing turret based on the design of the Zerg Spine Crawler, attacking via clouds of toxic gas that were devastating to biological units. Internal testing revealed Shredder was too flexible and powerful, and it was therefore replaced by Widow Mine, a mobile burrowing unit that fires missiles, causing splash damage. The Warhound was a bipedal combat walker with an arm-mounted high-calibre cannon; it also possessed a missile for use against mechanical units.


The Protoss were originally expected to feature the Replicant, a unit which could transform into a clone of any other unit in play, including those controlled by the enemy. It was cut because of its tendency to stifle unit diversity. Three new units made it into the game: Oracle, Tempest and Mothership Core.

The Oracle is a fast, spellcasting, flying unit; it has no abilities that do not require the consumption of Energy. Its original version focused on slowing down economy by blocking off mineral access for a short period of time. It was decided that the ability was too powerful and that it should cause mining to slow, instead of to stop, and thus was replaced with the powerful Pulsar Beam. A single Oracle can kill worker units very quickly with Pulsar Beam, but will just as swiftly drain its Energy reserves. The Oracle also has two other abilities: Revelation, which reveals enemy units and buildings within an area, and Envision, which grants Oracle the ability to detect invisible or burrowed units.


The Zerg gained two new units, the Viper and the Swarm Host.
Like the Oracle, the Viper is a flying spellcaster with no integral weapons. It has several abilities: "Blinding Cloud" reduces the range of enemy units to 1. "Abduct" pulls a unit to Viper's location. "Consume" allows Viper to steal health from a friendly structure to increase its energy. The Viper is intended to support large Zerg armies, whereas the Oracle is designed for early-game harassment.

Settlers Online
The game is finally out of beta. Many changes were introduced like on:
  • 20 Feb: introducing mini adventures and a trade tab in the chat
  • 12 Jun: new buildings and a Science Systems (phase #1 geologists)
  • 31 Jul: Premium Accounts
  • 6 Aug: Epic Fairytale Adventures for higher levels
  • 21 Aug: new Guild Admin system
  • 18 Sep: Collectable Items (food carts, scarecrows, cauldrons, flags)
  • and more to come

Battlefield 4: China Rising released - 15 Dec 2013

The battle continues on the Chinese mainland with the release of Battlefield 4 China Rising. All-new maps, vehicles, gadgets, and a new game mode await you in this thrilling expansion.


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