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Planet.nl: Where it all began in Dec 1999     How is FDNL organized

The Story

This story tells the history of FDNL from the point of view of the clanfounders, why we founded the clan and what happened during the last years. Our coleaders wrote a similar story from their point of view (very interesting!).

Although it was great pleasure and lot of fun to manage the clan most of the time, there also were some moments I just wanted to quit. After reconsideration I decided to stay and continue the job, just because of the sympathetic members. I am surpised, though, the clan still exists after all these years!

There is so much to tell and it was hard to select what to put in here and what to skip. I do hope it is readable and interesting for all readers, members and visitors.

To prevent too long pages, the story is divided into chapters, accessible through the menu at the right:

  • 1999 - Foundation
  • 2000 - Expanding
  • 2001 - New Website and Messageboard
  • 2002 - Fully Automated
  • 2003 - More games, more facilities
  • 2004 - New games, domain moved, celebration
  • 2005 - Review CS & MoHAA, PC Zone interview, B4ME, WoW, BF2, Knight
  • 2006 - Website revamped, WoW Expansion #1, The Burning Crusade
  • 2007 - New Website
  • 2008 - Several new games, a.o. the new WoW expansion #2, WotLK
  • 2009 - more new games
  • 2010 - the clan came slowly to a stop
  • 2011 - a new start

Note: May I remind you to pay a visit to the old site too? Just click the link beneath the 'old' darkgreen glowing logo at the top of this story.

Plans for the future
  • By the end of July we plan to have our new website online
  • by the end of October we will have our 6rd LAN-Party in Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Developing plans for future growth and professionalizing the clan (more details will follow soon).



A Big Thank You!

We are grateful to all that lend a helping hand to the clan; and we, the clanfounders, want to express our gratitude to the:

Having an ad-free messageboard, a registered domain and programs for webdevelopment is very expensive. Without the help of our previous major sponsors BigBr0thr and Imurderu and our current sponsor Terminator, it would be nearly impossible to maintain the high standards we have today.

There are so many tasks to fulfill, it cannot be performed by just the two clanfounders. Many volunteers offered a helping hand and they were assigned as coleaders, having nearly the same rights as the founders.

Because the coleaderstasks were increasing too, we created a new function: warleader; they are leading the officials wars (mainly in first-person-shooter games), make agreements with the opponents, make sure that complaints are handled fairly. They report to the coleaders.

Members of FDNL
We are proud of all our members and your support throughout the years. A special Thank You! for those that joined in the early days and are still loyal members today.

And not to forget all our opponents, without whom there were no games and certainly less joy.


We wish you a good health, happiness and prosperity and don't forget to play (fair) games !

H0LLanD, LordGeo
clanfounders of The Flying Dutchmen

last updated: Nov 9, 2008

Last updated: 02 apr 2011



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